17h30 to 20h30 – Preliminary Consultations: One-to-one pre-scheduled meetings


The new Directives allow the contracting authorities to conduct Preliminary Market Consultations (2014/24/UE, Article 40º) to help them understanding the market features which is particularly justified for contracting complex and technological services.

This possibility has been transposed to National Laws as it is the case of Portugal (DL 111-B/2017, Article 35º-A) or Spain ( Ley 9/2017, Article 115º).

This workshop offers the possibility of contracting authorities specifying the subject of the contract they are interested to acquire more knowledge on. Contracting authorities can fill up the form provided by the conference organization, and then receive the information supplied by the participants of the Conference with competence in such domain and having one-to-one meetings to clarify doubts and questions.